why i got rid of 67 supplements

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This is me purging 67 supplements on April 21st, 2022πŸ‘‡

Some I barely used – piling them in storage or cabinets "just in case."

But if you told me 3 years ago that I would be purging these, I may not have believed you.

What changed?

I started clearing the real roots behind sickness and pain.

Specifically, working with breath, energy, trauma release, consciousness, plant medicines, ancestors, somatic release, and discovering truth.

You see β€” while I was light-years better than I was during my days of hospital visits and tubes down my throat, I was still living in fear...

I was always chasing the next thing to "fix." Can you relate?

The problem is, that mentality subconsciously keeps us "sick," and it can even manifest pain and symptoms into existence! 🀯 (Seriously, there is research on this called the "nocebo" effect).

Chasing the next thing to "fix" or looking for what a lab might "show" can be a distraction from the truth.

And here's the truth: all chronic health issues have a root cause of trauma.

In my own case, a traumatic event was completely hidden from my conscious awareness, until I started working with the body energetically and somatically.

I was shook by what I saw. Yet also liberated. It was the first time I found healing at my core; my body started to heal itself.

I saw this to be the case in so many others as well β€” including clients, friends, colleagues, and mentors.

If you're reading this thinking "that isn't the case for me" – I see you, I hear you. Just know, I used to think the same thing.

When you start turning inward and truly awakening, it can be surprising how much has been buried.

It's there in every case, every time...

With this evolution, I realized how so many of us (including myself) accumulate all those bottles, labs, protocols, diet books, and so on out of a misguided desire to be "happy."

"If I get rid of H. Pylori or SIBO... If I get my calcium-to-magnesium ratio balanced... If I detox heavy metals... If I eliminate all grains... THEN I will be healthy, pain-free, and happy." πŸ‘€

Sound familiar?

But those imbalances, labels, or prognoses are just the outward manifestation, not the roots.

They might not even be our truth.

Sometimes they're beliefs we carry due to programming (even in holistic circles!) or whatever parasite cleanse, heavy metal detox, or blood sugar gadget is trending on Instagram.

But there are deeper layers you just can't bypass...

There's a reason most conditions are considered "chronic."

If it was just a bacteria, virus, or parasite "kill, a food to "avoid," or a deficiency to "fix"...

Then why are so many people stuck in pain after YEARS of trying to get better?

It's not because they weren't "strict" enough, or didn't "kill" the bacteria enough, or detoxify enough.

No, the obstacles are in the hardwiring from trauma, energy blocks, and rigid patterns in the body.

We can remove these blocks, and rewire for healing, through transpersonal breathwork, somatic work, and energy healing.

This is the work that's facilitated my deepest healing, and that I guide with my clients.

It's important to share that I still believe quality supplements, homeopathic selection, and nourishing yourself are vital to stabilize the system and help the body feel safe to heal.

I continue to include (when there is a calling) the most effective supplements and homeopathic remedies I've seen over the years in client protocols.

But the healing and the work don't stop there 😜.

No matter how much you try to out-diet or out-supplement the pain, there are things you can't bypass.

We can't heal in the vibration of fear β€” chained to the energies of "sickness" or what could go "wrong."

We can't hide from what we have to work through within.

It's time for a new vibration in healing.

You're invited to take the journey with me,

Mallory ❀️

seer, free-thinker, truth seeker

Hello there!

I'm Mallory.

I'm a healer helping you uncover and clear the real roots behind "mystery" conditions, so you can get your body and life back. Ultimate freedom.

I weave somatic & energy healing, breathwork,  consciousness, restorative nutrition, and medicinal remedies. When you integrate this work, the possibilities are limitless, and there are no longer roadblocks of feeling you've "tried it all."

Through my personal healing journey and guiding 1,000+ clients and students with complex conditions, I've seen how true healing is more than just β€œphysical.”

We store blocks, emotions, patterns, and traumas in our bodies – over decades, lifetimes, and ancestrally. Symptoms are the body's way of signaling us to release!

This is true whether the primary ailment is acid reflux, sadness, IBS, bloating, SIBO, migraines, relationships, menstrual cramps, anxiety, business blocks, or beyond.

You're here to go beyond the surface to experience true holistic care. Layer by layer, we'll shed the energies of "sickness" and move towards wholeness. The magic is waiting for youπŸ„ 🌱✨