i can help because i've been there

I have 10 years of experience in healing and am trained in natural medicine, homeopathy, the microbiome, breathwork, psychedelic integration, transpersonal and somatic work, trauma release, Reiki, Nutritional Therapy, & functional labs. 

Over the years I've guided over 1,000 students in programs like this — I've seen a lot of real-life data in what works!

My biggest teachings have come from on-the-ground work with clients and students, trusted teachers, medicinal fungi, ability to deeply connect and see through blindspots, and personally healing "dis-ease."

I guide you to the unified connection in healing, weaving the physical, emotional, and spiritual. I help those who "tried it all" transform their minds, health, relationships, and paths.

Hey, I'm Mallory! I'm an Energy Healer, Natural Medicine Practitioner, and Somatic Therapist with a practice in Miami, Florida, seeing clients virtually and in-person. 

My journey with "dis-ease" brought me here: autoimmunity, gastritis, food sensitivities, SIBO, reflux, nausea, anxiety, depression, menstrual pain, and more.

Over the years healing myself and guiding hundreds of clients, I saw gaping holes in both conventional and natural medicine – the reasons why some heal, while others stay sick or stuck. 

We can take anything in the world, natural or not; we can do all the tests, consults, or coaching— but without releasing what the body's storing, the issue will still present.

It doesn't matter the label, or what bacteria/toxins, circumstance, or prognosis you think you have.

There's something inside you pressing "on" for the symptom, emotion, disease, or habit to manifest. No piece of paper will spit it out for you, and no diagnostic code will cure it for you.

My work focuses on discharging these blocks to remove the pain, suffering, or illness from the system. Your body knows what to clear and exactly how to heal if you let it.

You've never already tried everything. In fact, you're only just beginning. You are the medicine 🧚