Meet Mallory,
Your Transpersonal Guide

Mallory has 10 years of experience in healing.

She's trained in modalities including natural medicine, homeopathy, detoxification, the microbiome, breathwork, psychedelic integration, transpersonal and somatic work, Reiki, Nutritional Therapy, and functional labs.

She has a variety of tools to see what's calling to the client and meet you wherever you're at.

Her greatest training stems from medicinal fungi, mentors, and working with ancestors and guides.

She's learned that the purest truth and most impactful guidance comes through the body's innate wisdom. She's passionate about helping you access that innate connection to heal.

Mallory has unique gifts and wisdom to see into areas that may not be obvious to others, but are exactly what's needed to bring forth a breakthrough. 

Mallory weaves physical health, trauma release through the body, and superconscious states to bring the unconscious conscious, and clear the real roots behind suffering.

Mallory helps you clear out the "heaviness" (sickness, toxins, trauma, lower vibrations, old beliefs, limitations) and rewire into new patterns, feelings, connection, and physical healing.

Going from sickness, blocks, or limitations —>> to ultimate freedom, health, clarity, and strength.

That's what she lives and breathes; what she's here to do.

Training and Experience:

we can only take others as far as we've taken ourselves

Mallory sees clients both virtually and in-person in Miami, FL.

She helps you heal physical and emotional pain by guiding you to clear the energy behind ailments, no matter the label or prognosis.

She also helps you discover aligned success, authentic joy, and abilities to call in what you want in life.

Mallory was called to guide after healing physical illness — including digestive & throat conditions, SIBO, Barrett's Esophagus, burning, bloating, gastritis, autoimmunity, and nausea. She's also overcome migraines, burnout, anxiety, and painful menstrual cycles.

Mallory began healing holistically after getting sicker from prescribed scopes and medications. Doctors said she'd live with ailments forever. Something inside her (hello intuition!) kept saying "this isn't it."

After studying and working with natural medicine, she and her clients noticed pivotal improvements and relief from pain, which many had been seeking for years.

Yet, Mallory also realized major pieces missing — the deeper work, shadows we carry, and unleashing our life-force energy.

Many wellness circles claim to be holistic, yet forget that holistic really means being whole.

Embodying wholeness isn't how many foods you can avoid, how many self-help books you've read, how many yoga classes you do, perfecting your labs, or knowing the all the 'lingo.'

Embodiment is finding the beauty and sacred in holding your own darkness, making your own healing chemicals, mending your own heart, and tapping into your intuition.

It's compassionately exploring your unconscious, habits, and shadows without getting defensive, so you can let go and free yourself.

That's when you discover the great secret and magic of being human. That is how you heal yourself.