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Guide, Practitioner, Teacher

My journey with "dis-ease" initially brought me here: a ticking nervous system, autoimmunity, gastritis, food sensitivities, SIBO, reflux, nausea, anxiety, period pain, and more.

When I got sick, I was nauseous and vomiting almost every day, in and out of medical centers with a burning throat and stomach.

Our most basic need for survival – food — felt stripped away. Everything provoked gastric and bodily pain.

Hypervigilance, anxiety, depression, dizziness, brain fog, bloating, and migraines unfolded. Doctors kept throwing medications and prescribing diagnoses. My soul knew this wasn't it.

I now see the beauty in these darker parts. They led to my calling and freedom. My life, body, mind, relationships, and how I serve are so much richer because of it.

These raw experiences lit a fire under me to shift paradigms and disrupt cracks in "holistic medicine."

Healing myself and guiding hundreds of clients, I saw a major piece missing from wellness: not embodying what holistic really means — wholeness.

Natural is not the same as whole. Natural living's important, but that doesn't mean you've excavated your shadows, cleared illness at the roots, or authentically grounded in who you are.

We resist our pain. The more intense, the more we think we need something stronger or more complex. A more serious diagnosis. A more thorough lab. A more potent drug or herb.

Natural or not, we're always looking for the next thing. Chasing, chasing, chasing. And simultaneously running away.

Running from what? That we don't know in our habitual, limited wiring. You may think you know, but we never have all the clarity in our default mode.

There's so much buried and bursting to be explored — where you find magic in the most unexpected places.

About My Personal Journey:

Sensory Healing was channeled to me as a way to integrate the work I do personally and with clients.

It's here to show you that everything - how you dissolve symptoms, eat freely without pain, flow through a menstrual cycle, move through challenges in life, relate and build strength comes down to sensation and connection.

Without sensations we're just intellectualizing it. Without connection, we're not feeling it. Without feeling it, we're not seeing the results cement in how we show up every day.

Sensations and connection are the unified medicine.

Sensory Healing has transformed my healing and how I guide. It's allowed me to witness disease, pain, symptoms, ticking anxiety, and heaviness literally leave my body.

It integrates modalities like energy work, somatic healing, breathwork, trauma release, naturopathic medicine, psychedelic integration, business creativity, & intuitive therapy.

But what do all of these modalities have in common? Sensations and connection.

You could do a similar modality with different people and have different effects. Because it's not the modality that heals. It's connection, vibration, and how you're guided to break through.

When you feel the potency of connection, you're no longer wondering. You're watching the magic unfold right in front of your eyes. You're feeling the shifts rise in the core of your body.

Sensory Healing is like fitting into a new suit. You integrate in your body how to feel pain, emotion, or struggles dissolve.

It's learning through feeling and pattern disruption. I am the Guide, but the Sensations are your Teachers. Will you see what they have to show you?

The Birth of Sensory Healing

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