Mallory has 10 years of experience in healing. She's trained in modalities including breathwork, transpersonal and somatic work, Reiki and Ahai Energy Healing, Nutritional Therapy, and functional labs.

Her greatest training stems from medicinal fungi, mentors, and working with ancestors and guides.

She's learned that the purest truth and most impactful guidance comes through channeling and tapping into the body's innate wisdom. She's passionate about helping you access that innate connection to heal.

Mallory has unique gifts and wisdom to see into areas that may not be obvious to others, but are exactly what's needed to bring forth a breakthrough. 

Mallory weaves physical health, trauma release through the body, spiritual connection, and superconscious states to bring the unconscious conscious, and clear the real roots behind suffering.

That's what she lives and breathes; what she's here to do.

Training and Experience:

Mallory is a healer, guide, and intuitive in Miami, FL.

Her awakening began with her health. Physical illness opened that door including digestive & throat conditions, along with anxiety and painful periods.

She felt called to heal holistically after getting worse from prescribed scopes and medications. Something inside her kept saying "this can't be it."

Although she found relief with natural medicine, she also realized a major piece was missing — the deeper work.

After guiding clients in functional medicine realms, it become clear that many wellness circles were bypassing the real roots — trauma and living out of alignment.

There's always a root cause of trauma that causes feeling unwell. Everyone's had trauma. Often it isn't conscious. It lives in the body, and needs to release through the body.

Yet, trauma isn't the only blocking factor. Equally important is living out of alignment. Challenges, pain, and symptoms represent your "wake up" calls and your compass.

In every client case, Mallory has seen how physical symptoms are a manifestation of these energy blocks. This holds true no matter the symptom label, acronym, or lab result.

Mallory is passionate about clearing out the "heaviness" (sickness, toxins, trauma, lower vibrations, old beliefs, limitations, etc) and rewiring into new patterns, behaviors, intuitive connection, and physical healing.

Going from sickness, blocks, or limitations —>> to ultimate freedom, health, clarity, and strength.

We do this through somatic work – inviting the body to vibrate and shake out trauma, toxins, suppressed emotions, & blocks —and by entering superconscious, transpersonal, and "psychedelic" states to rewire.

transpersonal guide — helping you heal at the deepest roots

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