Journey to your roots, release, feel in new ways

Shabbat and Breathe

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Our next event is Friday, May 31st!

Get ready to release in your body, expand your mind, connect to ancient roots, and integrate with your tribe!

We're Cory and Mallory – husband and wife — and we're hosting Shabbat and Breathwork events in our backyard in the Coral Gables area.

Upon entering our magical space, we will first have an introductory talk followed by a short meditation. We will then go into a powerful Energy-Breathwork Journey for 45 minutes, alongside intentionally curated music.

You'll be guided into a specific breathwork process that involves deep, rhythmic breathing to induce expanded states of consciousness. Your body creates a natural high!

Your body can let go, detoxify, clear body pain or gut issues, rewire your mind, relieve stress, gain wisdom, and access our mystical and ancient roots.

You'll also enjoy light touch/energy work provided by Mallory while she facilitates.

After, we'll enjoy Shabbat blessings, nourishment, and connect in a deeper way among community!

with the ritual of Shabbat

Fusing an Energy-Breathwork Journey

Mallory has 10 years of experience in healing and is trained in somatic and Unified Therapy through Dr. Paul Canali, natural medicine, homeopathy, breathwork, psychedelic integration, trauma release, Reiki, Nutritional Therapy, and labs. She is a channel and intuitive, and has a connection with entheogenic medicine and ancestors.

Her path began healing digestive and autoimmune issues, chronic pain, anxiety, burnout, migraines, and menstrual disorders. She saw firsthand how the body can heal itself, and has guided hundreds of clients to do the same.

Working with the body, energy, and psychedelic states opened the door into deeper layers. She felt a calling to integrate her work with Judaism, mysticism, and ancient roots.🪶

It's no surprise that many Jews navigate body pain, chronic conditions, ancestral trauma, and stress. We do beautiful rituals and observe traditions, but there's a widespread disconnection to the body and mystical elements. What if we could awaken more than we ever thought possible if we stepped into those realms?

We look to a pharmaceutical to fix our body, and a higher authority to connect with God, but what if you could do both directly by going within?

Hey, I'm Mallory!

Our Stories

Hey, I'm Cory!

Cory is ever-evolving and deeply curious, passionate about self-exploration, wellness, and facilitating meaningful connection with others. Professionally, Cory is a seasoned marketing leader, currently working in the consumer tech space. Personally, he can’t get enough of the Miami food scene, the ritual of a great cup of coffee, and quality time with Mallory — his eternal partner — and their larger-than-life Aussiedoodle, Maisy.

Cory grew up in Marietta, GA, with special memories of Shabbat dinners at home every Friday night. He graduated from the College of Charleston, and spent 7 years in Washington, D.C. prior to moving to Miami in 2020 (before the pandemic!). Throughout both highschool and college, Cory served in leadership roles within the Jewish community, and hopes to continue having an impact locally in Miami and beyond.

We can't wait for you to join us

Register at the link below before space fills up!

Our next event is Friday, May 31st!