You're here to discover how the body can heal itself

Your soul is crying out that there has to be more to life.

Where you thrive better than before symptoms, pain, anxiety, or blocks began.

Cut through the noise, transcend the "you cant's," and embody your most direct path.

You were called to heal for a reason. Your intuition knows this to be true.

That's where our work comes in 👇
You're here to find truth and uncover the real roots. To go beyond a label, symptom, therapy talk, or cleanse.

By working with the body, energy, somatic & trauma release, "psychedelic" breathwork, conscious rewiring, and intuitively selected medicines — you can move towards:

unlock the native codes in your body

Living without limitations, enjoying ultimate freedom

Eating your favorite foods without pain

Witnessing bloating, puffiness, inflammation, migraines, or other bodily pains melt away

Clearing relationship blocks and strengthening relationships

Healing trauma; transmuting what was heavy into peace & bliss

Building resiliency, so you're not weighed down by sensitivities

Feeling lighter physically and emotionally

Enjoying easy hormonal cycles and restorative sleep

Fostering internal strength, clear focus, and daily energy

Radiating clear, vibrant skin and authentic confidence

Breaking free from chronic pain, anxiety, or triggers

Strengthening your intuitive muscles, so you can always depend on the codes in your body and spiritual connection

Gaining clarity on your path, so you feel lit up by what you're doing and how you move about your day

now I see healing comes from within."

I shed tears as I realized I have the power to heal myself. For so long I waited for medicine and doctors to heal me.

- amy

the missing link

There's a unified connection among chronic ailments — underlying trauma and stuck energies in the body. Doesn't matter the symptom label or prognosis.

These need to be cleared somatically and energetically. Where you see firsthand what it's like to FEEL differently.

You're here to learn how your body can make its own medicine and healing. There's nothing more freeing than that.

You're aware there's too much thinking and fear-mongering in healing spaces. Analyzing the "best" foods, protocols, therapies. But do these extremes work? Do the symptom labels and stool tests get you better? Or is it one hamster wheel after another?

To heal, you need to get out of the "noise" and into your body!

There are codes in the body – working with breath, energy, physical trauma release, and transpersonal realms — that are exactly what we need to heal.

What if you could heal deeper than you ever imagined — by accessing superconscious states & unraveling the codes your body?

Overview of sessions

If you'd like an in-person session in Miami, please contact me.

Sessions include a hybrid of somatic work, energy work, breathwork, and coaching/therapy. The proportions of each depend on what's calling to you. All of this can be done virtually.

You'll also receive guidance on holistic medicines or homeopathy that are a good match for you. Even my most sensitive clients do really well with these. Functional labs can be requested, but most see so much benefit from the somatic-energy work that they do not need them.

This work is truly integrative. Rather than having to separately see a therapist, a naturopath, a nutritionist, a coach, an energy healer, and so on... this work covers many depths, dimensions, and modalities of healing.

At the end of the day, it's not the modality alone that elicits the transformation, but how you're being guided to find the power within to rewire your system.

What makes our work so powerful is rather than overriding the body's healing process, (which is what most are doing), you're able to enter states where the body can automatically detect what needs to heal and how to heal it. 

Your body will be invited to enter a state that feels safe, held, empowered, and euphoric to see, feel, and release whatever it needs to heal.

Energy Exchange:
Individual or discovery session: $333 
Package for fuller support: $1,500 (includes 5 deep, heartfelt sessions over 3 months as well as reasonable support between sessions)
We'll talk through your experience and help you integrate, so you see tangible shifts in your daily life.

You'll receive channeled intuitive information, including messages from spiritual guides/ancestors, or higher self. I will also be tapping into my guides in session.

Why is this important? These forces often relay pure truth and blindspots we wouldn't otherwise see or know if we didn't tap in. You will know in your body if it feels true for you.

During this integration period, you will also be challenged to go deep in your subconscious and soul. 

You will be guided to cement in the clearing and train yourself to consciously rewire when we're outside of session.

Sessions may also guide on plant medicine/medicinal fungi education and ceremony integration if there is a calling.

These medicines and work are my best teachers and have transformed my life and healing. They can support clearing sickness, and guide us to release, see, and feel in new ways.

See for yourself how the body can make its own medicine and its own healing. Welcome to your most profound healing release 🦋

after the somatic-energy portion:

You'll be guided in a specific type of breathwork to enter an "altered" or "expanded" state of consciousness

We'll also be working with energy, and you'll learn techniques to facilitate bodily releases

You will practice alongside selected music to support the experience and kick up the energy.

You may feel your body shaking, pulsing, or vibrating

You may see colors or ancestors/spirit guides, hear messages that radiate core truths

You may see memories, and let out emotions like crying, anger, laughter, or even bliss

The more you let go and surrender, the deeper the experience

While guiding you, I receive channeled/intuitive information that will be relayed to you after if relevant to your healing

By entering these superconscious and transpersonal realms, we can see and heal from a state not accessible in our everyday, rigid wiring. Many say they could've done talk therapy or other protocols for 20 years, and never discovered what they did through these practices!

During the somatic-energy experience:

- Jane

Prior to working with Mallory. I had gastritis, depression, anxiety, heavy stress, and GERD/LPR. I became genuinely afraid of food. Even drinking water was painful. I couldn't sleep at night, it felt like I couldn't breathe. 

I'm able to eat the things I love again! I have no problem swallowing! I'm in a better place mentally, physically and emotionally. My body doesn't restrict me.

Trust me, I was in the same place you were, but my gosh you have nothing to lose. I'm sure you visited doctors, sat in hospital rooms, and came back with unclear answers. 

You need to understand your body didn't get sick overnight. There are layers and layers to this, and Mallory is incredibly knowledgeable. She can pinpoint issues immediately and is so empathetic and kind. She knows what it feels like, and how to get you to a better place."

“Words can't explain how much working with Mallory changed my life!

- Nikki

Working with Mallory is a gift. The breathwork we do is powerful. Combining it with the music makes the experience even more magical. When I get deep into session my body feels so intuitive, it knows where to lead my thoughts, my body, my soul. I feel safe, loved, and held. I always leave sessions feeling so clear.

Mallory is such a potent presence. She makes me feel seen, loved heard, cared for. I never feel judged and she helps me process things that would’ve taken me years of therapy to process. I connected with her because she has also dealt with chronic illness and seeing her success story made me feel I could have that, too. The way she explains things resonates so deep in my soul. I truly don’t know what I would have done if I didn’t find her and her work."

“I've processed things that would’ve taken me years of therapy! As Mallory helps me release, my body physically shakes and vibrates. It's never scary but truly the most beautiful release.

- Jessica

I felt a roller coaster of emotion — hysterically crying, laughing to anger to pure relaxation. I released traumatic memories and saw family members who had passed. Mallory was amazing through the whole experience!"

“It was one of the wildest things I'd experienced!

- Nexie

I literally forgot how it felt to be normal with no symptoms. I’m happier and more present at home, in my work life, and in general!"

“I haven’t felt this amazing in such a long time!

- Ana

Before this work, my stomach reacted to everything… including water, but that’s no longer the case and

“ It was honest and intense in every sense… from physical sensations to strong emotions.

client embodiment

- Morsal

I've felt a huge release of negative energy and painful emotions. My kids have seen me dancing. I’m connecting with friends again. I've cleared bloating, abdominal discomfort, and food sensitivities!  I’m so thankful."

“ Working with Mallory is extraordinary. An emotional, physical journey I can't put into words.

Our Work Goes Deep

The transformation you're seeking involves immersing yourself whole-heartedly, surrendering, trusting, and meeting consistently.

This is for those ready to go all in. Who are ready to see there's so much more than the reality you've perceived. 

A main reason some stay sick—while others heal—is they haven't worked to physically and energetically discharge trauma, embody the soul lessons learned, AND anchor into the light.

The body needs to experience firsthand what it's like to FEEL in a different way. Not just intellectualize it from a book, speaker, therapist, or protocol.

Working through trauma or any symptom relief/pain point without accessing bliss, pleasure, trust, ascension, connection, and liberation is really heavy.

We do need to go into what is heavy. Bypassing that will not heal.

But if you're not releasing and creating pathways to free yourself - you may feel stuck and miss a major piece of why we go through these challenges. Why our souls are here to evolve.
This path can be cyclical - every time something is brought to the surface and cleared, another layer or energy surfaces to work through. In each experience, you're gaining more skills, strength, and resiliency.

Every session builds on the last. No two sessions are ever the same. The depths of our souls are never-ending.

While there is no standard amount of time for "how long" it takes to heal, what you do with that time can make all the difference. You take yourself how far you want to go. You decide.

This work brings extraordinary sensations words can't describe. Your body teaches YOU how to heal. Something no lab, supplement, or medication can do for you.
Limitless Healing. Regeneration. Liberation
To noticing how your BODY and the ways you approach yourself and the world FEEL different

To melting into infinite lightness, euphoria, and deep connection
To fully letting go and experiencing deep release
Seeing/feeling something heavy as well as physical sensations

often in the same session, you can go from:

Through working with Mallory, and keeping an open mind, I’ve seen firsthand

the magic and truth"

- Morsal

Through working with you, and keeping an open mind, I’ve seen firsthand

the magic and truth"

- Morsal