1:1 Sessions, medicines, & sacred practices: clear the roots behind mystery ailments

your personalized healing experience

Many clients come in to heal conditions like (but not limited to):
  • Moving through fear of failure
  • Turning sensitivities into superpowers
  • Embodying work that lights you up
  • Growing your business or work in an aligned way
  • Strengthening intuitive senses and accessing higher states of consciousness
  • Anchoring into strong, balanced relationships
  • Creating more freedom in your life

This work is all connected, even if you don't see it now. 

Rather than having to separately see a therapist, a naturopath, a nutritionist, a coach, an energy healer, and so on... we'll cover many depths, dimensions, and modalities of healing. ✨

  • Anxiety, OCD, Sensitive Nervous Systems
  • Acid Reflux, SIBO, IBS, Bloating, Constipation
  • Food Sensitivities and Allergies
  • Sluggish Detoxification, Autoimmune Conditions, MCAS
  • Migraines, Headaches
  • Acne, Eczema, Hives, and Skin Conditions
  • Gastritis, Esophagitis, LPR, Lyme
  • Lack of Boundaries, HSP
  • Period Cramps, Endometriosis, PCOS
  • Trauma Stored in the Body

Ready to heal chronic conditions, turn off a restless mind, release stress, restore balance to the nervous system, and tap into unblocked success?

Together, we can heal physical and emotional pain by guiding you to clear the energy behind ailments, no matter the label or prognosis.

Our work also intends to help you with any stressors, blocks, or heaviness there may be in your relationships, job, family, mind, habits, and perceived limitations, while moving towards your highest self.

Unlock Your Body's Healing Potential

As well as seek growth, such as:

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Session: $300
4-Session Package: $997


Together, we'll encourage your body to re-balance itself, by integrating a truly holistic approach. This includes:

  • Herbal and Homeopathic Medicine
  • Somatic Release 
  • "Psychedelic" Breathwork
  • Energy Healing
  • Therapy & Coaching
  • Trauma Release
  • Neuroplasticity
  • Spiritual Practices
  • Intuitive Nutrition
  • Mineral Balancing
  • Microdosing
  • Teaching your body how to create its own anti-microbials, endorphins, anti-inflammatories, and more

Mallory also has advanced training in functional lab testing and can offer this to you.

This includes GI MAP stool test, Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis, comprehensive blood chemistry, functional hormone panels including DUTCH and DiagnosTechs eFHP, and adrenal testing.

All of these provide much more information than standard/conventional labs. Many clients see so much improvement with the somatic-energy work that they do not need these (even those with very intense or chronic conditions) but the labs are there if you choose. 

You'll enjoy a highly customized, regenerative experience to promote your total healing. You've never already tried everything ;)

We'll provide you tools to feel better now, while laying a foundation for your long-term wellness, by peeling back the layers to unwind the events, energies, and blocks that brought you to this point. 

Modalities We Integrate:

"Mallory can be the light at the end of your dark tunnel. She is encouraging, uplifting, and wants to help you heal rather than just putting a bandaid on. Her support has truly been a Godsend!”

— shelby

Let's heal!

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Consider: when you’re in the thick of a problem, do you try to “fix” it with the same approach and energy?

Maybe you keep going to the same pill for anxiety, or the same labs for your digestion, or the same reactions towards Life's conflicts.

Yet, we often find the answer or 'cure' when we go beyond ourselves and current wiring to do things differently.

We heal when we do the *reverse* of what we'd normally do.

Your body and soul are calling you to go deeper — to break free from the the rigidity, over-working mind, and heavy energies physically stored in our organs, tissues, and entire systems.

Will you listen?

At the core of this work is feeling in new ways to make your own medicine

now I see healing comes from within."

I shed tears as I realized I have the power to heal myself. For so long I waited for medicine and doctors to heal me.

- amy

No one session cures all. There is so much to clear and explore, no matter how long you've been healing. Each session builds on the last. No two are the same.

Ultimately it's not about this modality vs. that modality.

Rather, it's about connection (to yourself, your Guide, and a greater force) and how you can break the 'firewall' in to activate your self-healing system. 

That is the core of what we do. When you surrender into the process, you'll be pleasantly surprised how much further you can go ❤️️

The somatic-energy portion "kicks up" the energy — which is powerful medicine! Think of it like breaking down the firewall for your innate healing to kick in.

That may mean feeling sensations in areas you were looking to heal, as the body naturally detoxifies, clears out the "sludge," rewires, or regenerates.

You may also see memories, release emotions, or hear messages. Sometimes it's just feeling deeply relaxed.

We want to take all that wonderful juice with us into our daily life and make sure we understand our experience.

That's why it's important to spend time after connecting to integrate your experience.

Integrating means helping you process what came up for you, as well as sharing what came through to me.

Often I see, hear, or sense things to relay. This can include seeing something you're carrying related to your ailments and how they developed.

It can include channeling memories or past events, as well as habits and patterns that may be unconscious.

We'll see remedies or practices that match you. We may discuss plant medicines & psychedelic integration if there is a calling.

Part 3: Integration, Guidance, & Homework

You'll lie down for somatic-energy-breathwork ⚡️

The sacred practices we do stimulate your life-force healing, where the body puts on its "detective & house-cleaning hat."

This primes the body to clear anything blocking your well-being.

That could be physical sickness, bloating, microbial imbalances, food sensitivities, inflammation, a habit, an old emotional wound (usually a combination).

It could even be finally getting clarity on a big decision or something you're working through.

Rather than overthinking to 'figure it out' (which intensifies pain or blocks), the body knows exactly what it's doing when it enters this state to heal.

Authentic healing is seeing what you're doing through, and not spiraling into judgments about work vs. doesn't work too quickly, which can create a block.

You'll learn to get into your body to make your own endorphins, pain-relievers, antimicrobials, detoxifiers, anti-inflammatories, and more.

Your own body will show you how to heal. There's nothing more powerful than that🦋

Part 2: Get Into Your Body

We begin the session grounding into the space and talking through what you're going through.

You can share about your health history, symptoms, triggers, relationships, work, where your mind goes, what lights you up — anything that feels relevant.

It all threads into what to release and how to heal.

Nothing is too big or too small to share here, and the space is held with an open heart and without judgment.

Part 1: Let It All Out

We meet virtually over Zoom, or in-person in Miami 🌴

Together, our process will laser in on what your body and soul are asking for, eliminating any guesswork, helping you feel free and fully alive.

We'll fuse energy work, somatic release, intuitive therapy, spiritual states, and natural medicine. The proportions of each modality vary by session, so you get exactly what you need. Below is a breakdown of what sessions may look like:

Overview of Somatic-Medicine-Therapy Sessions

✨Let's heal✨

They also exist at the physical, cellular, and systemic level.

Anxiety, stage fright, fears, chronic fatigue, bloating, a food sensitivity, migraine, hormonal pain, or inflammation can all be a pattern / addiction —

Because somewhere along the way, when the body was under deep stress, the body built a hardwiring to "go there." 

That pathway keeps repeating, and hence the body becomes "addicted" to going there.

This is not to punish you. Rather the body and soul are inviting you into the deeper work to break the pattern and really see why it developed in the first place. ⚡️

No lab or protocol can do that for you. The cure is the depths you choose to take yourself — how you make the medicine within and learn to release and rewire.

We support this process by entering "non-ordinary" states.

These states better assist the body to clean house, release traumas and old wounds, and clear toxins or 'gunk.'

It also invites us to let go of rigidity, not just by thinking about it but feeling what it's like to let go and shift into new patterns.

You heal when you choose to let go of the patterns, beliefs, and processes weighing you down in the pain of staying the same.

As Albert Einstein said, no problem can be solved from the same level of consciousness that created it.

That's why the practices we do are designed to support healing the whole mind-body, not just treat a symptom ❤️️

Patterns, habits, & addictions aren't just a lifestyle piece

We can't think our way out, even though that seems tempting...

Knowledge is important, but embodiment is a whole other world.

Understanding is very different from FEELING.

So what heals? Getting completely in your body and in your authentic process — working through your shadows.

This includes breathing, somatically releasing, and purging out all the heavy energy, while rewiring into new patterns.

We can do all the diets, yoga, cleanses, or mindfulness exercises — but if there are parts of yourself that are closed off or hidden... if your organs are still storing trauma... if your brain has decades-old hardwired patterns... you'll still feel pain, stress, illness, or tension.

However that shows up with symptoms is only the surface manifestation...

Healing is not something we can intellectualize

Have you done diets, protocols, labs, therapy talks, or other modalities — but still struggle?

- Jane

Prior to working with Mallory. I had gastritis, depression, anxiety, heavy stress, and GERD/LPR. I became genuinely afraid of food. Even drinking water was painful. I couldn't sleep at night, it felt like I couldn't breathe. 

I'm able to eat the things I love again! I have no problem swallowing! I'm in a better place mentally, physically and emotionally. My body doesn't restrict me.

Trust me, I was in the same place you were, but my gosh you have nothing to lose. I'm sure you visited doctors, sat in hospital rooms, and came back with unclear answers. 

You need to understand your body didn't get sick overnight. There are layers and layers to this, and Mallory is incredibly knowledgeable. She can pinpoint issues immediately and is so empathetic and kind. She knows what it feels like, and how to get you to a better place."

“Words can't explain how much working with Mallory changed my life!

- Nikki

Working with Mallory is a gift. The breathwork we do is powerful. When I get deep into session my body feels so intuitive, it knows where to lead my thoughts, my body, my soul. I feel safe, loved, and held. I always leave sessions feeling so clear.

As Mallory guides, my body shakes and vibrates. It's never scary but truly the most beautiful release.

Mallory is such a potent presence. She makes me feel seen, loved heard, cared for. I never feel judged and she helps me process things that would’ve taken me years of therapy. I connected with her because she also dealt with chronic illness and seeing her success story made me feel I could have that, too. The way she explains things resonates so deep in my soul.

I truly don’t know what I would have done if I didn’t find her and her work."

“I've released things that would’ve taken me years of therapy!"

- Jessica

I felt a roller coaster of emotion — hysterically crying, laughing to anger to pure relaxation. I released traumatic memories and saw family members who had passed. Mallory was amazing through the whole experience!"

“It was one of the wildest things I'd experienced!

- Nexie

I literally forgot how it felt to be normal with no symptoms. I’m happier and more present at home, in my work life, and in general!"

“I haven’t felt this amazing in such a long time!

- Ana

Before this work, my stomach reacted to everything… including water, but that’s no longer the case and

“ It was honest and intense in every sense… from physical sensations to strong emotions.

client embodiment

- Morsal

I've felt a huge release of negative energy and painful emotions. My kids have seen me dancing. I’m connecting with friends again. I've cleared bloating, abdominal discomfort, and food sensitivities!  I’m so thankful."

“ Working with Mallory's extraordinary. An emotional, physical journey I can't put into words.

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