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  • 4-Session Package (Virtual): $1,200

  • In-person $300/session at my healing space in Miami


How would it feel to heal so thoroughly you release pain, make your medicine, & hold your strength anytime, anywhere?

Let's lift your spirits and make your body a place you love to live.


  • You savor your favorite coffee, matcha, cacao, or occasional glass of red wine without irritation

  • You no longer want to crawl out of your skin from bloating, menstrual pain, headaches, or tension

  • You break free from racing thoughts, frustration, or anxiety

  • You're not weighed down by constipation, bricks in your belly, or food intolerances

  • You root into authentic confidence, strength, and success

  • You let go of what was heavy, and see labels aren't the deeper truth behind what your body's carrying

Together, we can heal what your body's holding by clearing the patterns behind pain, disease, conflicts, or stress.

It doesn't matter the prognosis — all you need is to be open.

Rather than separately seeing a therapist, nutritionist, coach, energy healer, naturopath, etc... we'll cover limitless depths.

We're not here just to intellectualize. You get into your body to FEEL the difference.

This isn't just healing... this is LIVING 🪶

Personalized client sessions

Personalized client sessions

become a client →
  • Turning sensitivities into superpowers
  • Eating with joy and not "calling in" symptoms
  • Rewiring how the body approaches pain
  • Growing your career in an aligned way
  • Business mentorships (strengthening abilities, creating offers, attracting clients, boundaries)
  • Finding or strengthening partnership
  • Connecting in marriage
  • Maintaining inner peace and stability
  • Not feeling triggered by others
  • Letting go of fears
  • Learning to work with microdosing as medicine, or integrate plant medicine ceremony experiences
  • Creating more freedom in your life

And seek growth as:

  • Anxiety, OCD, Sensitive Nervous Systems
  • Suppressed frustration
  • Acid Reflux, Gastritis, LPR
  • SIBO, IBS, Bloating, Constipation
  • Food Sensitivities and Allergies
  • Autoimmune Conditions, Lyme
  • Migraines, Headaches
  • Acne, Eczema, Hives, Skin Conditions
  • Trouble with Boundaries
  • Navigating flow as an empath, intuitive, or highly sensitive person
  • Period Cramps, Endometriosis, PCOS
  • Trauma Stored in the Body 
  • Couples' Work (the individual journey connects to partnership — a missing link even if things feel "good")

My clients come to heal concerns like:


Transcend The Ordinary, Make Your Healing Chemicals, and Journey To Your Roots

While many find this work healing chronic illness, you don't need a known health issue to benefit.

Sensory Healing is also for those who want to go deeper, access higher consciousness, or feel more grounded, clear, and aligned.

Many clients recommend this work to their husbands or partners because there's so much magic in growing and connecting together.

Your body stores your history. Everything you feel threads to an ingrained pattern. Medicine unfolds when you disrupt the pattern.

Symptoms are messengers relaying blocks deep within.

Your soul knows this to be true, but the mind and old patterns cloud what those blocks even are.🌪

It's easy to pin pain on things you hear about like bacteria, parasites, hormones, autoimmune conditions, food...

But the real shifts happen in the power of your own body and choosing a new way.

It feels difficult to access answers or let go of the pain because we have to remove the dust to get to the gold.

We heal through sensory experiences that teach the body to clear sickness, break through firewalls, rewire the mind, shift your energy, and raise your consciousness.

This work isn't throwing pills at you, or keeping you sick with never-ending symptom complexes to label your pain.

Our work is connection at the deepest levels. Music. Cracking open. Purging. Making your healing chemicals. Freedom.

Clients often say their first session was "wild in the best way," and they felt the medicine from my hands — whether in person or doing the session virtually. That's the power of connection.🙏

When you connect with our practice, you no longer wonder if it "works" because you're witnessing it unfold. The healing comes out of the shadows. You see and feel clearly for the first time.

The greatest medicine lies in what's hidden from plain sight, but manifests every day in the pain you're holding onto...

the truth about symptoms

- amy

I shed tears as I realized I have the power to heal myself. For so long I waited for medicine and doctors to heal me. Now I see healing comes from within."

become a client 🪶 →

+ Trauma is a root of every condition, and stores in the body. It's not an event but a feeling. How you felt in your lowest points.

+ It's there no matter how physical the condition seems, or how much you think that's not you.

+ We're being called to see, to go deeper. No lab will show this, and no prognosis will heal it for you. The power's inside you.

+ Clearing isn't just awareness of what happened; it's feeling energy move through your body to release.

+ That's why our work helps clear not just by thinking or reading, but feeling and finding meaning.

Trauma Release

+ My deep connection with plant teachers and fungi have been an instrumental part of my soul, growth, and how I guide.

+ When there's a calling, we may integrate these topics, as well as microdosing, which is powerful if you know how to work with it. This helps us bring the unconscious conscious, shift patterns, and create new pathways in your mind and body.

+ How you're guided is key. The medicine may kick something up, but it's your body, connection, and choice to let go that will free you.

+ That's why we fuse this with inner and somatic work. Again, it's not just what we take but how we work with it, understand it, and embody it.

+ The medicine is our mirror for purification,  learning new sensations and feelings, and most importantly – remembering.

Plant Medicine Integration and Microdosing

+ Natural medicine's amazing, but often people chase products without making inner shifts; so pain remains.

+ If you're not moving through old, stuck energy (habits, emotions, trauma, patterns, bodily sensations) the cycle will continue.

+ That's why our work fuses natural medicine with somatic work, trauma release, energy healing, re-patterning, & deep inner work. 

+ Our sessions see what's calling you. Rather than guessing, you're seeing and feeling results.

+ Clients love our work with a special class of medicine, homeopathy. Homeopathy is not a supplement. Rather than supplementing the issue, homeopathy can create a curative effect on the whole system — mind, body, spirit. When a remedy's a match, I've seen miracles.

+ We can run stool, blood, thyroid, mineral, & hormone panels; but most don't need these because the work we do is so impactful.

Natural Medicine & Homeopathy

+ You'll be guided on a potent journey, alongside evocative music, where your body can make healing chemicals and move discomfort into release, clarity, and lightness.

+ You may bridge flesh and spirit (connect with higher realms) and somatically release (physically discharge pain, illness, emotions, or what's weighing you down).

+ By naturally releasing chemicals similar to plant medicine experiences, you can access a "high" or psychedelic-like experience. It's not an escape – it's coming home.

+ Your body can clear anything it's meant to at the time, such as trauma, stress, frustration, anxiety, health conditions, viruses, toxins. No two sessions are ever the same.

+ Rather than doing "x" for your gut, "y" for your hormones, or "z" for your mind, this practice unifies the medicine and does it all, fully empowering you.

Somatic Work / "Psychedelic" Breathwork

+ The fundamental of energy work (such as Reiki) is connection and feeling in new ways.

+ You can feel detoxified, balanced, emotionally released, light, and relief of symptoms.

+ While guiding, I may receive intuitive insight, such as messages, visions, patterns you carry, medicines calling you, ancestral connection, and information on the body.

+ By unifying this with Sensory Healing, our intimate process together will be authentic to us, and unlike other forms out there.

+ We fuse energy healing with medicine, somatics, breathwork, and inner work, so we hit depth and create sustainable change session by session.

+ This fusion helps remove blinders that block us from the real roots to our problems. It's like seeing and feeling clearly for the first time.

Energy Work

Modalities "break down the firewall" to remove what's blocking you.

It doesn't matter what you've tried before. The medicine's in connection and how you're guided to break through.

Alongside intuitive therapy, we may integrate:

Modalities We Integrate

When you're In the thick of a problem, do you try to “fix” It with the same energy?

Maybe you keep going to the same pill for anxiety, the same labs for health, or the same reactions to Life's conflicts.

Or you think you're switching it up with a new product, therapy, relationship, or job. But the energy and habits behind it all are the same.

The more the pain, the more we outsource with labels, labs, self-help books, and addictions to seemingly healthy things.

You think it's the way "out," but you're stuck on a hamster wheel. 

You think "if I get rid of the parasite, fix this drainage pathway, avoid these foods, balance this hormone, or change this aspect of my life," then the pain will go away.

But it isn't true. You know that, because the cycle continues.

The real pain is underlying, so the issue persists...

We find the answer or "cure" when we go beyond our current wiring to do things differently.

You heal when you do the *reverse* of what you'd normally do.

Your body wants you deeper. Will you see what it has to show you?

Break The Pattern

Prior to working with Mallory. I had gastritis, depression, anxiety, heavy stress, and GERD/LPR.

I became genuinely afraid of food. Drinking water was painful. I couldn't sleep, it felt like I couldn't breathe.

I'm able to eat what I love! I have no problem swallowing! I'm in a better place mentally, physically and emotionally. My body doesn't restrict me.

Trust me, I was in the same place you were, but my gosh you have nothing to lose. I'm sure you visited doctors, sat in hospitals, and came back without answers. 

You need to understand your body didn't get sick overnight. There are layers and layers to this, and Mallory is incredibly knowledgeable.

She can pinpoint issues immediately and is so empathetic and kind. She knows what it feels like, and how to get you to a better place." — Jane

“Working with Mallory changed my life!

Working with Mallory is a gift.

The breathwork is powerful. When I get deep into session my body feels so intuitive, it knows where to lead my thoughts, my body, my soul.

I feel safe, loved, and held. I always leave sessions feeling so clear.

As Mallory guides, my body shakes and vibrates. It's never scary but truly the most beautiful release.

Mallory is a potent presence. She makes me feel seen, loved heard, cared for.

I never feel judged and she helps me process things that would’ve taken me years of therapy. I connected with her because she also dealt with chronic illness and seeing her success story made me feel I could have that, too.

The way Mallory explains things resonates deep in my soul. I don’t know what I would've done if I didn’t find her." — Nikki

“I've released what would’ve taken me years of therapy!"

If you’re in the Coral Gables or Miami area, definitely go see Mallory!

I started going to Mallory a few years ago to help with IBS and found so much more. I had been curious but skeptical about energy healing, but immediately changed my mind when I noticed a shift after one session with Mallory.

I started attending breathwork sessions with her and each time it felt like I was clearing sludge out of my system. I felt, and continue to feel, calmer, more authentic, and freer after each session.

Mallory also helped mentor me when I was feeling stuck and confused about my career. She has this amazing, intuitive gift to be able to truly connect to her client and help them get what they need.

She’s very kind, nonjudgmental, and knows exactly the right amount of gentle push to give to help you get what you want. She truly has your best interest in mind and you can feel it!

Because of Mallory I've opened myself to new experiences, feel more comfortable in my own skin, stand up for myself, and so much more. – Lauren

"She has this amazing, intuitive gift to connect to her clients and help them get what they need.

Before working with Mallory, I had brain fog and bloating every day. I barely had any energy.

I was scared of food and I was having a hard time going to the bathroom. I struggled with reflux no matter what I ate. I was scared to go to work because I would feel sooo off.

My husband noticed how down I was and it really took a toll on my day to day life and relationship. 

Since working with Mallory, I feel like a new person! I haven’t felt this amazing in a long time! I literally forgot how it felt to be normal with no symptoms.

My brain fog is gone, I have more energy, my focus is SO much bette. My food fear is GONE! Ahhhh I can eat anything I want without reflux 🙌🏼

My bloating is gone, hello flat tummy! Mallory is an ANGEL and suggested Homepathic options to help with period pain....LADIES this is a GAME CHANGER! 

Mallory is such a caring and patient practitioner! She is so knowledgeable in this realm. If you’re still on the fence about working with her my advice is JUST DO IT!!! You won’t regret it and it’ll all be worth it." — Nexie

“I haven’t felt this amazing in such a long time!

It was my first time doing anything like this. I was skeptical, and in my head. How could such a thing be possible, especially virtually through a computer?

I was laying down when all of a sudden— something started happening. A whole physical process unfolded.

My body wanted to release the pain, but my mind didn’t understand where the pain was coming from and resisted. When I gave in, I would feel it being pulled out through my chest and the weight lifted.

I've felt a huge release of negative energy, painful emotions, bloating, abdominal discomfort, and food sensitivities.

I’ve seen the magic and truth in what Mallory teaches. I’ve seen the shift that comes with physical and emotional release- my husband told me, “You’ve really been in better mood lately.”

My kids have seen me dancing. I’m connecting with friends again! I’m so thankful." — Morsal

"Working with Mallory's extraordinary. An emotional and physical journey I can't put into words.

You'll be forever thankful for giving your mind, body, and soul the support you didn’t know you could get.

Mallory is powerful, lovely, sweet and yet direct, patient, relatable and full of wisdom. Her vibe is so warm, welcoming and serene! I love how multidimensional and holistic her practice is.

She has helped me grow as a person, to change my perspective about things that were keeping me stuck, to open my eyes, to change my paradigm and to heal different aspects of my life.

She has created such a beautiful, sacred and safe space full of love where all you can receive there is beautiful magic and deep transformation!

I feel stronger, braver, lighter and happier!!! I experienced improvements from emotional, spiritual and psychological aspects to physical symptoms like improved digestion and bloating.

Thank you for everything Mallory!!! It's an honor to work with you and I feel so blessed to have your support and guidance during this process!!!" — Ana

“Working with Mallory is an opportunity of a lifetime not to be missed.

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