what is psychedelic breath & energy work?

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"If you want the truth, I’ll tell you the truth: Listen to the secret sound, the real sound, inside you."


Healing requires fundamental changes to your entire state of being… As Albert Einstein said, no problem is solved by the same consciousness that created it.

So the question is, are you open to enter these depths, for your greatest healing?

If the answer is "yes!" keep reading, pay close attention, and remain open — no matter how much this might seem "different" than the reality you're used to.

Innate healing is your birthright. But it won't come from a lab, protocol, book, pill, or talk. It's earned with full embodiment, trauma release, surrender, shift in consciousness, trust, and consistency 🌬

We may think we know the roots of our problems. The person triggering you? The parasite, virus, or bacteria? What that doctor told you? The food or hormone? The overbearing boss? Being an empath? The circumstances you were dealt?

Deep down, most of these are stories we tell ourselves; not core truths. Your mind may come up with reasons why it's not a story. Because you read about it. Because it came back on that report. Because that practitioner mentioned it...

After working with hundreds of clients (and my own journey), it became clear the more labels you attach yourself to, often the worse you feel.

The body picks up what we're thinking about. We can manifest and create sickness in the body. On the flip side — we can create wholeness and healing.

In most cases, we don't have access to the real root of our problems or how to heal them in regular waking consciousness ⚡️

Did you know your body can make its own medicine and facilitate its own healing?

How does it do this? By entering "altered" or "expanded" states of consciousness (superconscious states) — while working through the body to release what it's carrying.

These superconscious states meld the conscious, subconscious, and unconscious — while weaving the physical, emotional, and spiritual. There is no separation.

It's all connected. And it's all needed to heal anything.

In my truth, real healing is nearly impossible without entering these states – allowing yourself to discover what's been buried, beyond what your conscious mind will show you.

Regardless if the ailment's painful bloating, systemic inflammation, persistent anxiety, gnarly migraines, insomnia, acid reflux, hormonal pain, chronic fatigue, addiction, relationship blocks, or beyond — there's a unified connection.

You'll learn more about this in a moment...

intro: Why we need to alter consciousness to heal

The label, prognosis, or lab is often an outside manifestation. Sometimes, it may not be true. Rather a creation or identity attachment by the mind on the quest for an "answer."

In this practice, we not only have the opportunity to see and discover these traumas and blocks, but also to feel safe to clear and rewire them. And physically regenerate the body.

Many clients say our practice allows them to discover what was unconscious, release suppressed feelings, free their minds, and rewire their physical bodies — clearing sickness in ways that hadn’t been possible through therapy or other protocols.

Finally, while trauma is a big piece of this work, it's not everything.

We are here to see and feel it all, but also not get stuck in what was heavy. That's why this practice also shows us how to become free.

The body is prone to feel very safe, peaceful, and connected in this state. That's what allows us to see and experience healing in ways that we normally don't have access to. It's coming home to yourself.

Many relay this is the most life-changing work they've done, feeling so loved and held.

The best part? It’s accomplished by the most primal tool of all—your own breath.

You may cling to a belief it's not trauma because the ailment feels "physical." But trauma is physical — it affects every cell, every tissue, every organ. 🧬️

You may or may not be aware that you have trauma, but everyone does. Trauma is the lowest point YOUR body has experienced, or a series of low points that add up over time.

This could be getting bullied in elementary school, overhearing your parents argue all the time, breaking up with a partner, or getting laid off from work.

There is no use rationalizing or judging the severity from the outside. ("That doesn't seem too bad.") What matters is the energies the body's storing — how the body felt threatened or unsafe at the time, and how that was never really released.

Additionally, often clients realize trauma they didn't consciously know they had.

It doesn't matter how long ago — those energies stick in the body.

These traumas and energy blocks are influencing all of your patterns. How you feel about yourself and the world around you. Your relationships. Your digestive system. Your immune system. Your fears and worries. Your hormones. 🌚

This work makes the unconscious conscious. Recovering hidden memories or feelings. Clearing energies of "sickness," transmuting them into healing.

There are roots your conscious mind isn't aware of. This work brings these to clarity.

Just because you don't have a clear memory doesn't mean that memory isn't stored somewhere. If relevant to your healing, this practice will bring it to light.

  • For instance, it's possible to recount traumas from birth. In your day-to-day life you may not "remember" feelings or events from infancy, but the body remembers.

  • Even in ages that seem old enough to "remember" (adolescence, college, adulthood) — the mind can block out incidents as a trauma response, so there is little to no conscious memory. But the body remembers.

  • It's possible for the body to bring up events where one wasn't “awake,” perhaps due to anesthesia during a procedure or another substance, such as alcohol or something put in alcohol. Still, the body remembers. 

Trauma is all around us. But it doesn't have to stay in you or remain heavy.

final part: trauma and the unconscious

The breath is powerful, but it's not the breath alone that cultivates the experience.

In my truth and calling, working with the energy and integration (guiding and holding space with compassion; channeling what came through; and talking through your process after) are also important parts.

While working with energy or energy healing can sound abstract, I'll do my best to simplify it and explain tangible effects.

As a background, everything is energy. Your emotions, food, traumas, relationships, ancestors; where you live; anxieties and fears; bacteria or viruses; sicknesses you've gone through; who you interact with; your thoughts; money — everything has an energy.

It's not physical or energy... It's just all energy. How you feel simply comes down to how your system interacts with energy every single moment, and every single day.

These energies already exist, but the practice can stir them up so they come to the surface to be healed in a way that's authentic and individualized to you. (Energy cannot be created or destroyed, but can be transmuted).

Part of my role and calling is to help guide in this process of discharging the energy and transmuting what was heavy into light and healing.

Many clients feel the energy move through them in their body, especially areas they were looking to relieve or heal. 

Our work may also connect with ancestors or spirit guides who come through — who share messages, reveal memories, and support the healing process.

If this concept seems abstract or difficult to comprehend or maybe new if you haven't yet experience it for yourself — that's perfectly okay!

All that's needed is an open mind, open heart — and you'll get just what you need. We aren't looking or forcing anything to come through, just allowing it to unfold organically.

While no healing or work is one-and-done, nothing is too big or small to work through.

Clients have seen food intolerances disappear, a virus or flu they were dealing with go away, anxieties resolve, menstrual cycles go from rolling around on the floor in pain to flowing with ease, and newfound joy and self-worth.

Some have had the beauty of new, fruitful career opportunities open from this work, relationships strengthen, or answers they'd been seeking finally come through. 

Ultimately, what unfolds is up to your soul, your ancestor's plan, and your choice for how deep you decide to take yourself.

guiding and working with energy

You FEEL this difference in your mind, body, and spirit. It's like decluttering everything — your thoughts, your emotions, what your body is carrying.

How often have you found yourself on social media, reading a book, or in a consult thinking or learning about how to be well... but then when it comes to embodiment (what you actually do / how your system feels), the body has trouble "getting there?"

Intellectualizing or talking about this is very different from your body actually showing you how to feel it for yourself, which is what this practice can do.

Through this work, we can have a "psychedelic" experience without ingesting anything. The body makes its own medicine and its own healing!⚡️

The meaning of breathwork here is VERY different from breathing exercises (e.g., deep-belly breathing to relax). Those are beautiful and supportive in their own right; just an entirely different practice.

We incorporate deep-belly breathing to calm our nervous systems daily.

By contrast, the "psychedelic" breathwork is a sacred, active practice we do to create a ceremonial experience, and involves a different style of breathing.

It invites the body to access states, places, clarity, memories, intuitive messages, future timelines, detoxification, regeneration, and feelings that may be normally closed off from us, which invite deep healing and transformation.

The breath I guide my clients in is an active, circular mouth breath that — when done alongside intuitively selected evocative music and a practitioner to hold the space — invites the lungs to release DMT, a psychedelic compound naturally found in the body.

This powerful, ceremonial practice pairs "mind revealing" with the magic of "somatic experience." Your body physically releases traumas, emotions, sickness or blockages — transmuting them into joy, light, clarity, peace, pain-relief, and freedom.

The term psychedelic was coined by Humphry Osmond, a British psychiatrist in the 1950s.

He derived "psychedelic" from the Greek words ψυχή (psychḗ, "soul, mind") and δηλείν (dēleín, "to manifest"): meaning "mind manifesting" or mind revealing.

In other words, bringing the unconscious conscious.

While there are sacred fungi and plant medicines that facilitate such experiences (I am eternally grateful to learn from these teachers), we don't have to ingest anything to experience these states or bring the unconscious conscious.

Because we can make "psychedelics" within in this practice.

what is psychedelic breath-and-energy-work?

Transpersonal means going beyond the limits of your everyday wiring in your body and mind. 🧬️🧠🌀

Helping you see there's more than the reality you've created; guiding you to experience how the body can heal itself; and lifting the veil between the seen & unseen worlds.

My personal journey with "dis-ease" brought me here.

After getting sicker from pills and probes, my soul guided me to natural medicine. While I connected with these medicines, I saw a major piece missing: not embodying holistic – whole.

I found natural and conventional circles switching the products and labs, while bypassing the deeper roots and perpetuating fear. The more we do that, the more the body will scream.

These roots include trauma, rigid patterns in mind and body, energy blocks, ego, and ancestral wounds. They're present in all of us until they've been cleared, and often unconscious. We don't realize how much has been buried until we go in with this work.

No matter how physical a problem seems, these roots are there. These blocks are physical — they physically affect how you feel.

That's why my practice fuses somatic-energy work (which helps clear these roots) — with natural medicine (plants, homeopathy, essences, nutrients, and fungi) to facilitate self-healing.

Most importantly, I'm here to hold space and guide you to make your own medicine and heal yourself.

Many of my clients have felt healing from mystery conditions. When you open yourself to this work, it's impossible to plateau. Your body and soul will always take you deeper.

Whether your concern is physical or digestive pain, relationship challenges, business growth, or beyond — you'll unlock healing codes that become your greatest treasure.

You are the medicine 🧚

transpersonal guide — helping you heal at the deepest roots

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