what is psychedelic breath & energy work?

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Your body can literally make its own medicine and its own healing!

When you have that power and training, such as the work I facilitate with clients, you'll see how you can depend on your body, intuitive muscles, energy, and breath to heal yourself and free yourself.

You'll no longer live in fear or "what if" because you'll always have these healing codes within the body to come back to.

To experience these benefits and depths, we need to enter an "altered" or "expanded" state of consciousness to heal. This practice allows us to do that. Because we cannot heal within the limitations and rigidity of our everyday wiring.

It doesn't matter whether the "label" is ADD, acid reflux, colitis, depression, anxiety, PMS, or something else.

We cannot heal without clearing traumas the body is holding in its tissues (yes the BODY holds onto trauma, not just emotionally, but also physically!)  Everyone has had trauma to some degree, nobody is absolved from it.

A digestive system, hormone, autoimmune, or any chronic issue is actually a trauma issue. In every case, every time.

But here's the thing — we cannot intellectualize, cleanse, diet, or talk our way out of it.

It's not as surface-level as saying "oh yes, that happened." (Plus, many times there are traumas our conscious mind isn't even aware of!)

To fully clear, we need to go in somatically and energetically. Where you feel your body vibrating out all the old toxins, blocks, emotions, heavy energy, traumas, and stuck patterns. Where you feel into a new wiring.

The question is – do you want to HEAL?

If the answer is a resounding "yes!" Then play close attention and allow yourself to remain open — no matter how much this might seem "different" than the reality you're used to...

introduction: we need to alter consciousness to heal

Through this work, we can have a "psychedelic" experience without ingesting anything. The body makes its own medicine and its own healing!⚡️

Besides the possibility for a miraculous, mystical experience, this practice gives us the opportunity to heal — by transcending the rigidity of our everyday wiring.

Why do we need to break through our rigid everyday wiring?

Having worked with over 1,000 clients and students in the holistic health and digestive space, one thing over the years has become clear:

You can't sibo cleanse, heavy metal detox, or elimination diet your way to the health, happiness, and freedom you seeking.

Despite all the noise, you just can't parasite cleanse the pain away.

If you stay attached to the belief that a "physical" issue needs some kind of "physical" powder or cleanse to heal, you'll forever be limiting yourself.

This is where breathwork, energy work, and transpersonal states come in to help you.

The meaning of "breathwork" here is VERY different from "relax and take a deep breath" or deep-belly breathing to calm.

The breathwork we're discussing here is distinct and extraordinary.

The breath I guide clients in is an active, circular mouth breath that allows the lungs to release DMT - a psychedelic compound naturally found in the body.

Our own bodies and the magic of this Universe are that powerful — we can enter a "psychedelic" or transpersonal state through breath-and-energy work ⚡️

How do we heal the real roots of sickness? Working through a specific type of breathwork and energy work is one way.

what is psychedelic breathwork?

As a guide to my clients, I'm also working with the energy, tapping in intuitively, and selecting music to foster the experience.

Working with energy means being able to move, send, and help the client discharge energy that's coming up related to what they are working through.

For instance, something may come up related to a parent or past trauma, or I might see and feel a client's body memory about how an organ was affected.

The client may feel physical sensations (especially on areas they're working to heal). As well as heat, shivers, trembling or twitching, as the body clears the energy.

They may also feel out of body, a wave come over them, and emotions like crying, laughter, or anger release.

These forces not always directly "seen" along with the innate wisdom of the body are more powerful than most realize.

They can show us the purest truth, greatest depths, wildest "ah hah!" moments— and make the biggest impact on our healing.

But you have to break through your own walls and rigidity to access that magic...

The question is, how deep are you willing to go?

You have to make the conscious choice to open up. YOU still have to break through your own resistance. No practice or pill can do that for you ⚡️

Personally, my esophagus, abdomen, and liver went through a complete regeneration.

Any lingering food sensitivities melted away. I started experiencing easy, regular monthly periods for the first time, and the deepest joy.

Many of my clients have seen healing of menstrual pain, throat/esophagus pain, bloating, SIBO, food sensitivities, gastritis, migraines, anxiety, depression, and more.

When we shed all that heaviness, not only does our internal body work better, along with experiencing joy and serenity —

We also may look and feel lighter, with visible signs of inflammation and puffiness melting away, eyes brightening, and losing excess weight.

(My husband lost 6 pounds after a ceremony; all of that energetic heaviness he was carrying had released! It's stayed off, even months after).

One may also encounter mystical experiences — encountering or strengthening connection with ancestors or spiritual guides that bring important messages, and clearing energies from past lives or ancestrally if relevant.

The intuitive information that comes through is often the most impactful and spot on — more than any protocol, book, or lab could ever be.

As a final reminder, no matter how powerful any practice, the ultimate power comes from within you:

This practice allows our organs and whole body to get a healing "reboot" ⚡️

There are roots your conscious mind isn't aware of. This work brings these to clarity.

For instance, it's possible to recount events from birth; where an infant conscious mind may not "remember" but the body remembers.

Likewise, the body can bring up events from childhood, adolescence, and adulthood.

Even in ages that may seem old enough to "remember" things — the mind can block out the incident, so there is little to no memory. But the body remembers.

It's possible to bring up events where one wasn't "awake" perhaps due to anesthesia during a medical procedure — or another substance, such as alcohol or something put in alcohol — but the body remembers. 

You may or may not think or be aware that you have trauma, but absolutely everyone has.

Trauma is the lowest point your body has experienced. It doesn't matter how long ago something happened - those energies are still stuck in your body.

Many say they could've done talk therapy or other protocols for 20 years, and never discovered what they did through these practices!

We not only have the opportunity to see and discover, but also feel safe to clear and rewire these energies.

This work makes the unconscious conscious. Recovering hidden memories or feelings. Clearing energies of "sickness," transmuting them into healing⚡️

When we enter a transpersonal or psychedelic state — such as through this practice — we transcend the ego and the rigid limits of what's available in everyday consciousness.

The body is prone to feel very safe and free in this state. That's what allows us to see and experience healing in ways that we normally don't have access to.

As compared to the monotony and rigidity most are used to in everyday life, this practice can bring sensations more euphoric and magical than your dreamiest bucket-list vacation.

But it's not an escape, it's coming home to yourself.

The journey may feel like a rollercoaster in the most amazing way possible. Clients often say afterward, "that was wild!"

With consistent work, surrender, and letting go of resistance, many clients report their symptoms and personal struggles get notably better or disappear.

how does this work heal?

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Hello there!

I'm Mallory.

I'm a healer helping you uncover and clear the real roots behind "mystery" conditions, so you can get your body and life back. Ultimate freedom.

I weave somatic & energy healing, breathwork,  consciousness, restorative nutrition, and medicinal remedies. When you integrate this work, the possibilities are limitless, and there are no longer roadblocks of feeling you've "tried it all."

Through my personal healing journey and guiding 1,000+ clients and students with complex conditions, I've seen how true healing is more than just “physical.”

We store blocks, emotions, patterns, and traumas in our bodies – over decades, lifetimes, and ancestrally. Symptoms are the body's way of signaling us to release!

This is true whether the primary ailment is acid reflux, sadness, IBS, bloating, SIBO, migraines, relationships, menstrual cramps, anxiety, business blocks, or beyond.

You're here to go beyond the surface to experience true holistic care. Layer by layer, we'll shed the energies of "sickness" and move towards wholeness. The magic is waiting for you🍄 🌱✨