The keys to healing complex conditions & your mind

what is somatic-energy-medicine?

We're programmed to believe we need one treatment for this ailment... a separate treatment for another... and yet another treatment for another ailment.

(Take this anti-anxiety for your mind, this Nexium for your throat or chest, this Motrin for your head, this birth control for your hormones....)

Even in the "holistic worlds" — a gut cleanse, a liver cleanse, a hormone cleanse.

But the energies behind what's causing agitation in the body, are the same. 

Even with practices like meditation, yoga, talk therapy becoming more popular, or the growing research on psychedelics, there's often a disconnect in the mainstream.

People talk about mental health or stress, but fail to embody the mind-body connection, and see how the roots to "dis-ease" are all the same. 

Natural is not the same as holistic. 

Holistic really means wholeness.

We can swap the natural products, but that doesn't mean you've excavated your shadows, cleared illness at the roots, or authentically grounded in who you are

Most of wellness compartmentalizes healing and bypasses the shadows. We think we're healing holistically because we swap the conventional antibiotic for berberine, or the tylenol for turmeric, or the anti-anxiety medication for l-theanine.

(Natural medicine is a staple of my work with clients, personal life, and family. It has been a life-saver. There are definitely times and places for this support).

But just taking natural products doesn't automatically equal holistic.

If you're feeling stuck in your healing, take an honest look within and ask yourself, am I really doing things differently?

Not judging our patterns either, but are we really embodying wholeness if we're just swapping the tests and products hoping for different results? 

Rather than mapping one treatment to one ailment, when we work intentionally with energy, the unconscious, and the body's hardwiring we can support all healing.

We clear what was heavy — trauma, sickness, digestive disease, toxins, inflammation, stress, blocks — when we enter "superconscious" states and open ourselves to feeling in new ways.

Superconscious ("altered" or "expanded" states of consciousness) weave the conscious, subconscious, and unconscious with the emotional, physical, and spiritual. This unification is how we're able to reach limitless depths and possibilities.

So, how do we do that?

Preface on the notes below: often people judge whether something will work before stepping in. If you're feeling a pull towards something, show up authentically, experience it yourself, and dedicate to seeing it through.

Words are here to provide a framework, but language is limiting, as is needing to know it all beforehand. ***If you're spending more time analyzing, judging, or researching than doing, it will be very hard to heal or see different results.

The biggest block to our healing is that we compartmentalize it —

Natural is not the same as whole:
"Is it physical OR emotional? It can't be emotions/energy if it's 'physical' right?— if my ankle hurts, if my stomach's bloated, if I have this autoimmune condition...." 

But that physical is energy. That illness is energy. That fall or accident is energy.

The bacteria, reflux, IBS, gastritis, SIBO, thyroid, Crohn's, PCOS, migraine, or "insert ailment here" IS energy. Symptoms are how energies show up in your system, creating a hardwiring.

⚡️Here's the secret: discharging the energy and curing the pain doesn't come through the thinking mind.⚡️

It doesn't come from watching YouTube videos, reading books, or thinking you already know it all because you've been doing this for years.

It comes through feeling, bodily vibrations, and surrender.

There are medicines that can help us with this, as you'll learn more about below. But there's a key distinction when we integrate medicine with the somatic-energetic connection, versus popping a pill and going about your day.

Often clients come in self-aware, having done years of therapy or functional medicine protocols. They know all the lingo, yet aren't embodying.

That's why often, no matter how many supplements, cleanses, therapy talks, or other procedures you may do, you still feel the way you do.

Can you relate — where everything is like a calculation in your mind, but you haven't yet broken free to clear through your body; moving from thinking to feeling?

The more complicated we make things, the worse the body tends to feel, and the more rigid our mind becomes. We may feel like prisoners in our minds and bodies. 💔
Our minds love to think in extremes and polarity. The either-or mentality.

Your mind may be inclined to jump to:
When something happens that makes you feel hurt, angry, or threatened — what happens in your body? Do you feel a pit in your stomach? Does your jaw tense up? Does your heart feel blocked?

When you overthink or worry, does your head hurt?

When you consume heavier foods, excess sugar, or alcohol, how do you feel after? Sludgy or bloated? Tired, brain fog? Maybe other symptoms or flares? Like there's 'gunk' inside to clear?

If you're menstruating, do you get cramps or mood swings? 

If you have a thyroid or autoimmune issue, what's causing the miscommunication in your body?

What do you think all that tension is? (It's energy!)

How you feel = what energies your system's holding onto.

Ultimately, there's no piece of paper that shows this at its core. It's something only you can go into and clear.

A big misconception is that energy is separate from the "physical."

Yet traumas, parasites, viruses, bacteria, processed foods, toxins, an accident, anger, heartache, grief, doubt, bloating, burning, acid reflux, SIBO, PCOS, rigid or obsessive thoughts, are all energy.

The buildup of "heavy" energies leads to symptoms and "dis-ease."

Energy isn't something to believe in or not; Energy's all there is 

Somatic-energy work is a core part of my practice to build the pathways to activate your self-healing system. I've seen miracles with it.

During this process, you're guided with certain techniques to get into the body and connect physical sensations with emotions, memories, or feeling. You may even experience an altered, euphoric, or meditative state.

My practice also fuses a ceremonial breathwork practice (different from breathing exercises) alongside evocative music to kick up the energy.

This invites the body into a psychedelic-like state where it can create its own endorphins, anti-inflammatories, antimicrobials, clarity, release, & more.

The release or discharge is key, and is a huge contrast from overthinking to try to figure our way out, which is what most people do. 

It could look like shaking, vibrating, moving in waves, breathing, feeling a rush of energy, crying, laughing, screaming, purging, tingling, a birth of sorts, or even a deep relaxation you've never experienced. 

Whatever's meant to come up will, if you're open to be guided to go in.

You can view this process as getting all the "gunk" out of your system. That gunk is the roots of whatever's making you feel ill, clouded or racy in your mind, nervous in your body, or blocking you from untapped potential.

The magic of this work is that it can help clear whatever's causing suffering regardless of the label.

That's very refreshing compared to pain or emotions with no release. Without the release, the discomfort actually gets stickier or intensified. 

Through this work, I've witnessed clients clear food sensitivities, get rid of a migraine in one session, relieve bloating or burning, flush away cold symptoms, reduce or clear menstrual pain, see skin breakouts disappear, and enjoy greater intimacy in relationships.

I've also seen clients get clarity on a business decision or key messages, and remove doubt or other limitations that were blocking their potential.

In these states, the body just knows what to do and how to heal in ways that are blocked or limited in our habitual daily wiring.
1) Somatic-Energy Work To Clear Symptoms, Change Your Mind, and Access Clarity

In my practice with clients, we integrate:

Many are familiar with natural medicine; yet, most choose remedies based on what they see on social media, what experts say, or what they hear is good.

That's very different than seeing what's calling to the body. When we do this process intuitively, we see the most results.

One of the medicines I work with is a class called Homeopathy — energy medicine that can have a curing effect in both acute and chronic conditions.

(Acute is like a cold, while chronic is like anxiety, autoimmune disease, acne, eczema, or digestive distress).

It's different from a "detox" and gentle, yet effective - even considered safe for babies, pets, and plants! 

Many confuse homeopathy to be synonymous with natural healing. While it is natural, not everything natural is homeopathic. It's a unique class within the natural paradigm; prepared and working differently from vitamins, herbs, etc. 

The principle of homeopathy is the energy of the medicine, in dilutions so minuscule (close to zero), stimulates a curative response in the body.

It creates a shift in how you feel both physically and emotionally.

Whether the ailment is a cold, the flu, bloating, constipation, worry, hives, stage fright, backache, nerve pain, migraines, panic attacks, nausea, or beyond, there's homeopathy for

The skill is matching the most aligned remedies with your symptoms, overall constitution, and how the ailments began. Being honest about what makes you tick helps us find the best match.

While there's always deeper work involved in healing, homeopathy is amazing because it can provide you relief now and be very helpful to stabilize the system.

My work also connects with herbs, nutrients, minerals, fungi, and microdosing that — when used intentionally with intuitive wisdom — help restore balance, release sickness or pain, and lift "clouds" to bring in clarity.

When we integrate these medicines with the somatic-energetic connection described above, you experience potent, sustainable healing. What would it be like to live without your most nagging symptom?

2) Homeopathy & Natural Medicine: How to Stimulate Curative Effects
While not everyone is ready to acknowledge it, trauma is a root cause or layer behind nearly every ailment, pain-point, trigger, block, or habit.

Trauma isn't what happened to you. It's how you felt. It is physical and stores in the body. Everyone has this to some degree. It's not something to rationalize; it's however the body felt threatened and suppressed energy. 

Talk-therapy can be wonderful, but doesn't clear the energies the body's carrying. You can spend years talking, but that may not change how your system tenses up or feels on the inside. The system needs to change its "default" mode to be free. 

Energies of trauma can be the densest energies the bodies holds. Often it's unconscious, but the body remembers. Because the body represents the unconscious, working through the body works through the unconscious. 

No matter whether the surface looks like autoimmunity, gastritis, insomnia, food sensitivities, PCOS, PMS, migraines, SIBO, chronic pain, or something else, there is always an under-layer of trauma that's set the stage for these ailments.

The greatest healing unfolds when we're honest about ourselves and our past (without getting stuck there), and open to going into the dark or hidden parts of ourselves to clear.

Yet, often it's nearly impossible to be honest about ourselves or see through our blinders in our everyday wiring, or just through talking.

We need to step outside ourselves — entering a shifted state of consciousness and working through the energy and body to get a clear, unbiased view. This is how you free yourself, so the body can put on its housecleaning hat to heal. 
3) Making the Unconscious Conscious (Habits, Patterns, Trauma Release)

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your most personal medicine awaits

There is no healing without connection. Connection with loved ones; connection with your guides, practitioners or teachers; and connection with yourself.

Regarding who you choose to work with, the label or title doesn't matter so much as asking yourself, do I feel a connection with this person?

Two people can offer similar services, yet your benefit all comes down to who you
feel a connection with. This really applies to anything in Life. 

Connection with yourself is most important. You are the modality; you are the medicine; you are the cure. How deep can you go to connect with yourself?

Can you find the medicine in the mess? Can you feel the beauty and sacred in holding your own darkness? Can you build the pathways to make your own healing chemicals?

Are you open to connecting with your lineage, even if that doesn't seem glamorous, to uncover hidden codes that could actually help you enormously if you broke through? Are you open to connecting with your soul?

When we connect in these ways, we can unveil information and medicine that may not have otherwise been available.

There's medicine in the weird, the extraordinary, breaking out of the mundane.

But if you block yourself off, there will be limitations in how far you can go.

We're always being "tested" to awaken to these parts of ourselves and interconnection.

You don't have to stay in the pain, you can choose to set yourself free 💙

5) Connection
While trauma is a big piece, it's not the only piece.

This work also shows you where you're not in alignment in your life and can bring answers to big questions — your work, where you live, your relationships, your health, foods that are or are not a match for you, a decision to make, etc. 

We can literally get symptoms if something is no longer serving you, or you're not where you're meant to be headed, or your body is trying to nudge you towards your soul calling.
4) Unblocking Your Potential and Living in Alignment