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Life is all about cycles. Death and rebirth. Breaking down and rebuilding. When shifts are all around, change is the only constant.

How does that fit into the pivot behind myself (Mallory) and Digesting Wellness (moving from labs, nutrition, and supplements to incorporating inner work, energy healing, somatic release, and non-ordinary states of consciousness)?

Well to answer that question, let me give you a bit of a backstory...

change is the only constant

If you're familiar with my work, or you've taken my Decoding Digestion course, you may know that I (probably like you) have endured an arduous chronic illness journey.

In the beginning, I bounced from doctor to doctor with no answers for 24/7 throat pain, stomach burning, inability to eat, nausea, and severe bloating (not just a little puffiness—the kind that was utterly painful and came with SIBO).

I was told I had a precancerous condition of the esophagus, and that I would need to take a medication for the rest of my life. This only made things worse.

For now, these details are all that matter. In the evolved version of myself, I've found it best not to get fixated on the "sickness" part, because that's where people get stuck. You'll see what I mean by this in a bit 🌚

The important thing is, this called me to take control of my own situation, learn everything I could about supporting my body’s ability to heal itself, and guide others to do the same.

The pain I described was deeper than a lab result to "fix," a pill to take, or a food to avoid. It was a calling—a calling that began with digestion, but was truly a bridge to "awakening."

path to "awakening" (Part I)

My guess is you're here reading this because your pain or challenges have guided your awakening, whether or not you see it yet.

While it's easy to get frustrated with symptoms and the journey they take you on, I promise they really can be your greatest gifts, when channeled towards your growth.

Keep reading to see what I mean by this, and plant the seeds for your own healing...

⚡️I was meant to go through that pain to "wake up" to something more. This was just the beginning.

My healing practice started guiding people who, like me, had chronic digestive issues.

I initially got certified as a "Functional Nutritional Therapy Practitioner" and Restorative Wellness Solutions Practitioner (training in functional labs like stool tests, blood panels, and hormone tests).

Yet, nutrition and test results seemed like a small (yet still important!) piece of my work.

Naturally, my conversations were covering more than food journals or plans. They were unveiling deeper work and pieces, which all laid the foundation for the work I do now.

Clients were getting amazing results. The practice was bustling with a 6-month waitlist. People were getting better, eating foods they could only dream about before without pain. Thriving through their day, whereas they were barely surviving before...

Yet my soul knew there was still so much more and something was off.

It felt like an identity crisis when someone would refer to me as a nutritionist, because I knew whatever I was doing to support healing didn't fall into one label or category.

I'm here for radical change. I felt this huge piece missing with diet, protocols, and labs...

path to "awakening" (Part II)

Yes, it can be easier to "blame" the problem on something to "kill" (Candida, H. Pylori, SIBO), something too "high" or "low," or something to "get rid of" — than excavate what traumas, emotions, and energies created imbalances in the first place...

Labs feed the "ego" part of ourselves that wants validation for what might be "wrong," rather than working energetically to release, rewire, and self-heal (more on that below)!

I saw beautiful souls putting EVERYTHING into the next lab, diet, supplement, or prognosis. All their hope. All their faith in answers. Everything in something outside of themselves.

Many were looking at themselves as broken, seeing the labs and sickness as a reflection of that — which broke my heart!

While labs and protocols have a place, relying on something outside you won't give you what you're looking for deep down; it takes the power away from you.

Every time someone got lost in rabbit holes of food sensitivity tests, scopes, or breath test levels, my soul was lovingly screaming: "How do they not see it?? It's your purpose to help them see, to guide."

The labs and labels had a major problem — they were bypassing the deeper work.

No matter how many pharmaceuticals they swapped for natural supplements; no matter how much they changed their diet; no matter how many labs they ordered to tell them what was "wrong"… they still felt chronic pain (in mind & body).

It became crystal clear that you can’t outsource your healing. You’ve got to do the work.

Because in healing, and in life, those looking for silver bullets will end up disappointed. Every. Single. Time.

No piece of paper, diet, or "leaky gut protocol" was going to spit out someone's healing.

No. There had to be more...

Why? Because nearly every client with reflux, SIBO, IBS, autoimmunity, period pain, Lyme, thyroid imbalances, or any chronic pain was also experiencing some form of anxiety, depression, OCD, or stored emotions, whether or not they had a "label" for it.

"I don't know what's happening, but this is the future" — words I said to myself, as I held the microdose of plant medicine in my hands the first time, before I swallowed anything...

Those words may not make sense to you right now, and that's okay. As a primer, this didn't mean "future" in some new-age sense. After all, these sacred medicines have been around since the beginning of time. It didn't mean everyone's future. They're not for everyone.

Rather, there was a soul connection. As if I had done this before in another lifetime. That this was part of my path, and the self-healing work I'd facilitate with clients (which you'll see can be experienced even without ingesting anything, more on that to come)...

path to "awakening" (Part III)

Both weekly microdose experiences and guided full dose ceremonies with a mentor I'm deeply connected to helped me explore parts of myself that felt locked away before. Now they were becoming fully alive.

This is powerful medicine. BUT it's not just what you ingest. It's how you integrate it. The plant is no silver bullet.

If someone takes any plant medicine hoping it will do the work for them, or doesn't know how to work with energy and emotions, they will be sorely disappointed.

You may have seen headlines, showing the future of these as "cures." But this is not just another conventional medicine swap. Where you just take the pill and hope for changes.

I started shifting so quickly. The most radical changes I ever experienced.

Let's provide a bit of context. The plants I'm referring to are mushrooms (you may have heard them referred to as "magic mushrooms") containing the compound psilocybin. 🍄

They've been ceremoniously respected for ages to facilitate physical, emotional, and spiritual healing, as these areas are all interconnected – not separate...

Microdosing (taking a minimal amount, often stacked with adaptogens such as reishi and lion's mane) does not produce a hallucinogenic effect, is subtle, and is usually quite safe.

[That is not medical or legal advice. This is for education and sharing my story only. It's important to note that these plants are still illegal in many areas. However, with all the research being done and many cities decriminalizing them, the path is shifting].


The plant is like a spiritual teacher — you have to do the work each day to rewire your system and cement in your new patterns. It really is a daily practice.

The plants can make things more flexible. So you can see clearly what those new pathways look and FEEL like with every fiber of your being, whereas before those pathways or possibilities may have been cloudy or completely dormant.

The medicine is like the map showing you a path to a new destination. Maybe you wouldn't have known how to get there without the map.

But once you arrive and take in the view, you can go back without even needing the map the next time, because the pathways have become your new hardwiring.

While the plants were the window and I have infinite love and respect for them, they weren't everything. There's so much more to the story, keep reading to see...

The magic happens working with energy, your soul, and mind — to shift patterns mentally, emotionally, and somatically in the body🌀

I was seeing and FEELING self-healing first hand. So were my clients.

Let me be clear though – it's not all smooth sailing or easy.

There were difficulties and emotions that surfaced for me to work through. Experiences that rocked me to my core — where I was left with more questions than answers.

But those experiences, trauma release, and rewiring were absolutely pivotal to my healing and growth. We don't heal or grow in our comfort zones.

It's an ongoing process. The work is never finished. But having done a good chunk at this point, and seeing the transformations in my clients, I can honestly say it's all worth it.

I knew I was meant to go through all this, all these chapters and stages (which by no means are "finished" yet), to see just how far I could take myself — and my clients.

We can only take others as far as we've taken ourselves. Direct knowledge comes from direct experience.

Not only were my clients healing in a totally different way, I never felt more in my element and fully alive.  It felt so natural. When something feels natural, it's what our soul is meant to be doing ;) Pure magic.

Keep reading to see what clients started experiencing, and plant the seeds to step into your own power and self-healing 🌀

Inexplicable period pain that arose mysteriously in my journey was melting away... My cycles started becoming — dare I say it – easy! I started looking forward to my periods, as they enhance my intuitive connections...

Migraines were disappearing. I went from feeling hit by a truck to fully alive.

Digestion (with that a history of reflux/gastritis, SIBO, "Barrett's esophagus," autoimmunity) got even better, along with losing puffiness and bloating. I found myself heavily reducing my supplement usage. 

I started clearing food sensitivities left and right. "Holistic" blogs may tell you to load up on l-glutamine, eliminate a million food groups, and "heal & seal" the gut in a cookie cutter way. But without changing my already nourishing diet or going on a "protocol," I cleared lingering food sensitivities through breath & energy.

Anxiety melted away. Before, there was buzzing 24/7 inside my nervous system, and my body frequently felt unsafe. But after this work, huge connections, and releases, I started waking up and going about my day feeling grounded, calm, and blissful.

Soon I was exploring all aspects of non-ordinary healing practices (healing in states of consciousness that are different from our regular, everyday, automatic wiring) 🌀

Plant medicine is only one beautiful way to access them or "get there."

But energy work, deep meditation, somatic release, and active breathwork can all allow us to access these non-ordinary states of consciousness.

Yes, we can enter a "psychedelic" state through energy, breath, and body release connected with emotional release! 

Breathwork is different from breathing techniques. Breathwork is an active practice, where you are "circular" breathing to evocative music, often while wearing an eye mask to help you go "inward." As you can see, it's very different from your "relax and take a deep breath" (which is also important, just for different purposes).

Breathwork is a wild ride. Our lungs release DMT, a psychedelic compound naturally activated by this practice. Therefore, this practice can help you enter a psychedelic or "non-ordinary" state. It also allows you to shift patterns somatically in the BODY.

Energy work also facilitates an "altered" or "non-ordinary" state. When I guide energy and breathwork sessions with clients, many report being in a trance, or psychedelic state, seeing visions, releasing traumas, and experiencing a somatic release in their bodies.

Through lying down, surrendering, and receiving the healing energy, clients FEEL physical sensations and emotions — allowing the body to release to heal.

(And yes, this happens virtually!)

Clients said energy work together was the first time they felt at their core what it was like to see how your body can heal itself.

By working with breath, somatics, and energy, I've seen how we can transform chronic illness, rewire our systems, and gain a whole new perspective on the world around us.

I've also seen how the real roots of chronic physical or emotional pain reside in implicit memories stored in the body — hidden from conscious awareness until the body feels safe to release.

I've detailed a few radical, personal experiences below:

path to "awakening" (Part Iv)

The answer is — you don't need all the answers.

Again, no one experience or practice is a cure-all. There are layers and layers to this.

Healing is an ongoing journey. The recipient has to allow themselves to consciously open up, break down walls, surrender, and trust. Anchoring into rewiring is a daily practice.

If you're skeptical, that's okay! You have to see and feel it for yourself. All that matters is you keep an open mind.

Just maybe, this can plant the seeds for you to see there's so much out there available to help you. That in itself is healing.

If you're telling yourself you've already tried everything or this "won't work" — here's my tough love — you're limiting yourself. Go beyond the limits of what you already know.

When you see powerful experiences like this over and over again, there is no question if this type of work or realms are "real."

You see and feel it for yourself; clients are seeing it and feeling it for themselves; my husband (someone who previously didn't see himself as "broken" or never had any clinical "label") is seeing and feeling it for himself, making the most radical shifts and healing.

When you see and feel all of that for yourself, there is no question — it just is.

And if you're wondering how all this is possible, consider this, channeled from my husband after he stepped into the magic:

I had the honor of facilitating a session, where a soul saw her traumatic birth delivery — lying pale, almost lifeless, the nurse said "She's not dying on my watch."

After, she relayed feeling able to release that pain, which reverberated to her physical health, digestion, mood and overall wellbeing. That gave me goosebumps.

Another brave client felt a rope pulled out of her heart, sobbing which turned to bliss; afterward her digestive pain nearly vanished.

As another client said: "It was difficult for me to understand how energy healing was possible remote, but I decided to trust and be open! It was honest and intense… from physical sensations to strong emotions. I recalled memories I needed to release. My lower stomach is not bloated as it used to be! Before, my stomach would react to everything, including water, but that’s no longer the case and I’m extremely happy!"

Guided by intuition and energy — true healing was happening ✨

Before you close out because this sounds crazy or "woo," — stay with me, you never know how this could plant the seeds to change your life in inexplicable ways 🌚

We all have ancestors and guides. If you're new to this, no need to get into the weeds yet about who they are or how this works...

As a background, they can be someone who passed that you had a strong bond with, or was similar to you. But it can also be a guide in a more abstract way (someone you may not have known in this lifetime, or who doesn't necessarily "look" like you)...

The connection may vary with how open your intuitive portals are. Our soul's path, plant medicines, energy work, meditation, and breathwork can all strengthen this connection. 

Working with guides, ancestors, and intuitive information has not only facilitated my personal healing and path — it's also helped my sessions with clients.

It's allowed, in many cases, for the client (even when in a different country) and me to feel or see the same thing during an energy session.

It's facilitated individuals seeing and feeling for themselves the real roots of chronic ailments — such as trauma/emotions to release, rigid patterns to break through, or blocks to clear — and how to heal them.

“Those who don't believe in magic will never find it.”

— Roald Dahl

Now would be a good time to mention that I didn't explore these realms and non-ordinary practices alone...

I am eternally grateful for the mentors I worked with — who guided my trauma-release, training as a healer, and my soul's awakening. Their authenticity, gifts, compassion, and connection will forever inspire me.

We all need support. While it's up to us to be active participants in our healing and nobody is coming in to do the work for us; we're not meant to walk this path alone.

I'm also grateful for my husband — who's had his own beautiful story, healing, and awakening with these non-ordinary practices and integration. He has been by my side, and I his, every step of the way.

As one of my mentors told me, the deepest growth happens consciously in partnership. His radical transformations have shown me the limitless possibilities with this work.

the final chapter in this series (for now)

But there aren't just "human" guides I work with — also ancestors and "spirit" guides...

In a culture where most spend hours "googling," over-analyzing situations with little resolve, or feeling compulsions to control outcomes — working with intuitive information, guides, and the body's innate wisdom is a refreshing contrast.

It's where you'll get the clearest, most direct guidance that's truest and most supportive for your path. Science is always changing. Opinions will always conflict. If we don't learn to trust our intuition, we'll never feel fulfilled, whole, or healed.

If we don't tap into these healing powers, we're severely limiting ourselves...

seer, free-thinker, truth seeker

Hello there!

I'm Mallory.

I'm a healer helping you uncover and clear the real roots behind "mystery" conditions, so you can get your body and life back. Ultimate freedom.

I weave somatic & energy healing, breathwork,  consciousness, restorative nutrition, and medicinal remedies. When you integrate this work, the possibilities are limitless, and there are no longer roadblocks of feeling you've "tried it all."

Through my personal healing journey and guiding 1,000+ clients and students with complex conditions, I've seen how true healing is more than just “physical.”

We store blocks, emotions, patterns, and traumas in our bodies – over decades, lifetimes, and ancestrally. Symptoms are the body's way of signaling us to release!

This is true whether the primary ailment is acid reflux, sadness, IBS, bloating, SIBO, migraines, relationships, menstrual cramps, anxiety, business blocks, or beyond.

You're here to go beyond the surface to experience true holistic care. Layer by layer, we'll shed the energies of "sickness" and move towards wholeness. The magic is waiting for you🍄 🌱✨